Healthcare is a human right

All health insurance is a scam! Health insurance lines the pockets of the wealthy and at best bankrupts the poor or at worst outright kills us. Bernie is the only candidate dedicated to fixing our completely fucked up for-profit healtcare system.

I am permanently disabled due to lack of access to affordable health care after a serious, but entirely treatable, injury in my 20s. I have lots of friends with similar stories. Maybe you do too. No one should be walking with a limp or rationing medicine because they can’t afford to see a doctor. We can do better.

Socialist Feminism for the DSA’s Build zine

A bunch of people destroying a mint

A few months ago, the Democratic Socialists of America’s Build project approached me about donating art to the Socialist Feminism issue of their zine. Build’s mission is to give people resources, tools, and inspiration to become active in their communities. I was especially excited to contribute to the Socialist Feminism issue because it’s a topic that really speaks to me.

To me, socialist feminism means considering how capitalism compounds with gender discrimination to systematically disadvantage people, and particularly those that aren’t cisgender men. Simply establishing some kind of gender parity at any level (especially within the ranks of the mega-wealthy) doesn’t actually solve the massive structural problems that keep most people in the US beholden to modern feudal lords.

I don’t believe in rehabilitating a system founded on theft and exploitation. We have to assert as communities (local, national, international) that we won’t stand for the elevation of any one person or group at the expense of others. I hope to share as many resources, tools, and inspiration with that cause as possible and contribute however else I can. People are more powerful than paper.