Digital Comics

When Darkness Presses by Emily Carroll (horror): A young nanny housesits while the family is away, but the house isn’t quite the same at night.

The Empty Kingdom by Daniel Merlin Goodbrey (exploration): Your kingdom lies empty before you; all your subjects fled; all their stories told. And yet you take up your sword. And yet you don your crown.

The Ocean is Broken by Stu Campbell (speculative fiction): When the ice caps melt, the oceans of this world will be filled with trash. (Does not work well in Firefox).

Click and Drag by xkcd (exploration): I expected the world to be sad. And it was. And I expected it to be wonderful. It was. I just didn’t expect it to be so big.

The Bloody Footprint by Lilli Carré (memoir): On memory.

Back to the First Date (time travel romance): Time-trvelers Rajar and Sofia went on a date a few weeks ago that kind of stunk. Can they time-travel to fix it?? — by K. Gadd, Tiff Chow, Cliff Warren, Jung-Ha Kim, Colin Bayer, Jenn Sandercock, Jolie Menzel

Failing Sky (Ch 1: The Sinking Ship) by Scout Tran (literary fiction): A collection of 30 inter-connected stories about a group of six friends and the teenage girl (Qiao) who tries to bring them back together in their old age.

Heavy Lights of January by Boulet (short): immersive light.

Florence by Annapurna Interactive (romance): A story about love and life. (iPad only).

Touch Sensitive by Chris Ware (literary fiction): A woman reflects on a painful relationship. (iPad only). (cw: body shaming).